Post Bank History


 Post Bank Iran, having the responsibilities and tasks including providing services for domestic and international drafts and provision of the services in the areas of money, finance and investment and such, emerged for providing services after the approval by Islamic Consultative Assembly. Post Bank Iran starts all its activities formally in 1996 after its statute was submitted by the council of ministers. Based on Monetary and credit council’s permission, Post bank has been recognized officially since 2004. After taking the first step of Foreign Exchange Operation permission from Central Bank of Iran, Post Bank is honored to start its Foreign Exchange services since 2005. It has also been succeed to take the second step and then third step consequently to offer all kinds of Foreign Exchange services widely in Iran’s Banking network as follows:
Post Bank Iran was recognized by the approval of the Council for Money & Credits as a public bank. Now, Iran Post Bank has opened and commissioned 10'000 branches and banking services offices, providing it services to the public as the most extensive banking network to rural and urban areas.

As per the general policies of the Article 44 of the Islamic Republic of Iran Constitutions, the process for privatization of Iran Post Bank has been started by selling stocks in Stocks Market and security market. Now out of the total stocks, 51% belongs to the government and the rest belongs to private section.