Loans & Credits

Post bank Iran announces its readiness for granting loans and facilities to various economic sectors such as trading, services, housing, construction, agriculture, industry and mining in Islamic contract framework as follows:

■ Musharaka/ Civil Participation (Construction, working capital)

■ Mozarebeh

■ Debt Purchase

■ Letters of Credit (Domestic)

■ Issuanc of different letters of Guarantee

■ Gharz-ol-hassaneh

■ Installment sales

■ Joalah

Special services:

■ Payment of Pension and salary

■ Payment of Justice Share Profit

■ Agent of government subsidy’s Payment to Iranian families

■ Acting as different companies’ Sales Agency (C.O.D)

■ Receipt and Payment of (Bill of Lading) fees

■ Fund Transferring through Automated Clearing House (ACH)

■ Participatory Bonds Selling and Purchasing through TABA system (SSSS)

Persons who may use these facilities 

Natural persons and those companies whose major of their share capital is owned by a private sector or cooperative.

Sectors who may use these facilities 

Industry, mine, agriculture, transportation and export of technical and engineering services and other services (including tourism) and ICT


As commonly known in Iran, finance refers to providing financial resources needed for execution of projects and purchasing equipment for manufacturing (capital) projects as well as technical and engineering services of the projects, by using short-term foreign credit facilities according to the financial contracts concluded with foreign financers.

Acceptable Activities 

Execution of new infrastructural/manufacturing projects and development plans,

Purchasing technology and capital equipment as well as technical and engineering services,

Qualified Persons 

Public/Private legal persons


Refinance credit is a credit paid under a short-term credit line established between two banks or financial institutions under an agreement. Through this credit line, the price of the goods transacted between the buyer (applicant) and supplier (beneficiary) is paid to the supplier at the time of presentation of shipment documents on cash (at sight) basis. The opening bank (issuing bank) will then receive from the buyer and repay the amount paid to the seller by the corresponding bank (financer), plus the related interest one year later.

All manufacturing and trading importers may open refinance documentary credits by using the maximum one-year interbank credit line in order to import goods, raw materials, spare parts, machinery of the production lines and services.