Internet Banking

 Integrated Financial and Banking System (BANKO)

 Mobile Banking (GPRS-3G-4G-LTE)

 Automated Clearing House (ACH)

 Hamrah Payment system (USSD)

 Telephone Banking = 84284

 Transferring funds through SATNA and SAHAB system

 Post Bank Card

 Family Card

 Gift Card

 ATM machine

 PinPad machine

 Kiosk Bank

In line with developing electronic and internet based banking, and based on the criteria set by the banks informatics committee, it has been possible to pay bills via core banking system through both virtual channels and branches. This has led to deletion of the stub and direct remittance of the data to the utility companies.

Mobile banking system

Short message system (SMS) is presently the most common service provided by all mobile operators. This has led the bank to take measures to design and creating software under Java for the mobile phones, enabling the customers to receive various services.

Unique services of mobile banking system

• Remitting funds to electronic accounts of Post Bank

• Receiving services related to Post Bank  intelligent card system

• Confirming drawn check amountShort 

Other mobile banking services

• Paying utility bills electronically

• Getting informed of the account balance 

• Getting informed of the last 3 transactions 

• Making inquiry of the fate of a specific voucher or transaction 

• Announcing dishonored check 

• Announcing early morning balance

• Changing pin code

Internet banking

- Confirming drawn check amount and date

- Paying utility bills electronically across the country

- Opening electronic non-interest bearing saving account and electronic short term investment account

- Making enquiry of the fate of checks

- Getting reports of the situation of the received loans

- Getting reports of the internet money orders by period, environment (internet/ ATM) type of transaction (remittance/withdrawal,...)

- Side facilities for account management: setting priority for showing account, setting nick name for the account, introducing selected accounts for Wire transferring via internet

Other services

- Customer's access to all his electronic accounts

- Wire transferring between electronic accounts and Post Bank  intelligent card (limited, high ceiling)

- Receiving periodical statements of electronic accounts up to 200 transactions and unlimited for special customers

- Receiving online statements of all electronic accounts for

the last 5, 10, and 30 transactions

- Deactivating Post Bank  intelligent card and access card

- Receiving balance and the last 3 transactions statement of Post Bank  intelligent card for

- Changing customer's pin code, user name, and email address

Telephone Bank:

- Announces the balance and the last three movements of the accounts,

- You may inquire the status of your checks, 

- Bank statements may be sent via Fax

- You can change your password,

- All bills may be paid throughout the country,

- Unlimited money transfer (only to other accounts of the client)

- Card services

- Inquiring the status of participation bonds,

- Confirming the amount of check,

- Cancelling the confirmation of the amount of check,

- Reporting the debit balance of loans,

- Repayment of the outstanding balance of loans, 

- Sending loan debit statements via fax,

- Inactivating online money transfer,

- Inactivating mobile banking system,

- Announcing the interest rates paid to deposits,

- Creating IBAN,